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Responsible Investments for a Brighter America

A campaign to protect the American economy, workers, families, businesses, and the environment.

Fighting to Protect Responsible Investing

Powered by corporations and special interests, politicians in Washington and in state capitols are pushing harmful policies to stop environmental, social, and governance initiatives and interfere with the American people’s right to responsible investing.

The result: long-term damage to the U.S. economy. 

Unlocking America’s Future is protecting Americans’ freedom to invest in a sustainable future.

Poll after poll has shown that voters are rejecting the attacks on responsible investing.

Only 8% of Americans

and 7% of Republicans think investigating how companies spend money on responsible investing issues should be a priority for Congress.

83% of Americans

trust companies more than politicians when deciding whether they agree with a company’s stance on a social or political issue.

72% of Americans

think it’s important for companies to take action on responsible investing.

Unlocking America’s Future
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