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Republicans and Democrats Broadly Support Proposed SEC Climate Disclosure Rule, Responsible Investing (ESG)

Responsible investing and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) proposed climate disclosure rule is overwhelmingly popular across party lines, according to new polling published today by Unlocking America’s Future and Data for Progress. The new research suggests that Americans do not view responsible investing as the boogeyman extreme politicians make it out to be.

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Unlocking America's Future ESG Ban Research

While voters are largely unfamiliar with the term “ESG,” they are overwhelmingly favorable to “responsible companies” (78% favorable), “sustainable business practices” (73%), and “responsible investing” (71%). While this research was focused on going on offense against those who want to ban “ESG,” this research confirms findings revealed in other studies that terms like “responsible investing” are viewed more positively by voters than “ESG.”
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