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Today, Unlocking America’s Future released a report titled “Big Oil & Big Money: Exposing the Campaign to Stop the SEC’s Climate Disclosure Rule,” shining a light on the oil and gas industry’s campaign to stop a proposed rule, which would require publicly traded companies to disclose information about direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions, through campaign contributions to elected officials. 

ESG Dive took a closer look at the report:

  • An analysis of 241 elected Republicans in Congress and statewide offices who have expressed enmity to the Securities and Exchange Commission’s coming climate disclosure rule revealed that the elected officials have received more than $152 million in career donations from the oil industry, according to a report exclusively shared with ESG Dive from Unlocking America’s Future, a pro-ESG 501(c)4.
  • Unlocking America’s Future said following the SEC’s initial climate disclosure proposal in March 2022, Republicans who have received millions in career campaign contributions from the fossil fuel industry and other polluting sectors began lodging public opposition with the agency. In addition to letters sent during the public comment period, congressional officials have introduced a spate of bills to either nullify or restrict the SEC’s rulemaking on the issue.

To read the full article, click HERE.
To read the full report, click HERE.