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Washington, D.C. – As we enter into 2024, partisan forces are posed to continue their politically-motivated attacks on responsible investing. A recent article in Politico laid out the landscape of the upcoming fight, noting that, thanks to groups like Unlocking America’s Future, attacks on sustainable investing won’t go unanswered.

“Anti-ESG forces will be looking to build on what they see as successful efforts to silence financial firms that had been publicly promoting the transition away from fossil fuels, while those on the other side are angling to protect and advance policies meant to stem global warming,” the article reads. Unlocking America’s Future, a political nonprofit, launched an eight-figure campaign heading into 2024 to promote ESG and ‘strike back against well-funded attacks targeting American businesses, investors, and consumers.’

Both Democratic and Republican state officials have denounced these attacks, citing the economic impact of legislation that would block sustainable investments, and more than half of national likely voters (53%) support their state investing public retirement funds in assets related to clean energy. 

Poll after poll shows Americans by overwhelming margins do not support attacks on responsible investing. Yet, corporate and special interests remain dead set on continuing their crusade to undermine these investment efforts. 

“Republicans are continuing to press their case, even though polling has consistently shown that voters, including most of those aligned with the GOP, oppose government interference in corporate decision-making around environmental, social and governance issues,” the article continues. “House Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan issued subpoenas to asset management giants BlackRock, State Street and Vanguard last month as he looks to advance the panel’s investigation into whether the firms’ involvement with groups pushing net-zero emissions policies violate antitrust laws.”

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