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Washington, D.C. – Today, Unlocking America’s Future is launching a five-figure digital ad campaign across Arizona – including static ads and video – highlighting dangerous efforts to ban responsible investing in the state and calling on Arizonans to tell their legislators to abandon these efforts. 

Unlocking America’s Future spokesperson Kyle Herrig said the following:

“Wealthy billionaire donors and greedy CEOs will stop at nothing to protect their bottom line at the expense of Arizona’s economy. It’s past time for state legislators to focus on the actual issues facing Arizonans rather than bowing to the special interests and billionaires funding their campaigns. Bans on responsible investing hurt business, the economy, jobs, the environment, and the future of Arizona.” 

Recently the Arizona Senate passed a resolution to place a measure on the ballot to ban Arizona public entities from entering into contracts worth $100,000 or more with companies that refuse to do business with firearm manufacturers. Additionally, there are two pieces of legislation that attempt to halt ESG efforts:

  • SB 1013 blocks the state treasurer from considering social and environmental factors in investment decisions and from talking positively in public about investment benefits.
  • SB 1014 would ban financial institutions, insurers and credit reporting agencies from discriminating based on political affiliation or “other social credit, environmental, social justice” values-based criteria.


Arizona’s leaders need to defend us from the billionaires, self-serving politicians and corporate polluters who are backing a bill to ban responsible investing. 

They’re putting their greed and profits over American workers.

These efforts hurt worker protections, send jobs out of state, and allow CEO pay to skyrocket while worker pay stays low.

It would be good for billionaires and their backers. Bad for everyday Arizonans. 

Arizona. Say no to any legislation that bans responsible investing. 

The full video ad is available HERE. Static ads are available HERE.